rafting in rishikesh
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Rafting in Rishikesh Rafting in Rishikesh  

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About us

Raftinginrishikesh.com is the premier online agent for rafting, we have a tie up with 3-4 camps in Shiv puri and according to the budget and need of the client we choose the best camp for you, Based in Delhi where mostly all the camp offices are we do your bookings fast and easily.

Our team has a lot of passion for adventure and we personally do all the camps before we sell them. Safety is the other thing we give a lot of importance to and believe that fun without proper safety is not worth. Rafting with us is a very safe option as our rafts are imported, also the staff at the camps are expert and qualified kayakers and instructors.

Now all you need to do is mail is your requirement and within any hour we will get back to you. The season opens from October and weekends are packed so an early planning and booking with get you a great spot.

Contact us

Rafting in Rishikesh
Shubhankar Basu
Address : A - 13 Shubham Apts 37, Patparganj
Delhi - 110 092 ( India )

Email : basu@raftinginrishikesh.com

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