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About the Camp

The Tents

We have safari tents in our camp sites, they are well furnished with proper beds with clean Sheets, mattresses and blankets, There are 2 beds, there is no bulb inside the tent but you have a lartern which burns all night and you are suppose to keep it outside your camp when you sleep.They are well ventilated with windows and there is enough place for 2 people to sleep comfortably.

Dinning Area

The dinning area is next to the camps and the food is served on a buffet system, The place is always kept neat and clean and there are sitting arrangements both inside and outside on the beach. The breakfast has hot tea and coffee, eggs, bread butter and jam, there are also parathas and sabji. The menu keeps changing and incase of group bookings the menu can be decided earlier also. Our chefs are trained and follow strict hygienic ways, we use mineral water for all cooking and cleaning purposes.

Beach Volleyball

One of the best things to do in the evenings is have a game of volleyballl on the beach, everyone joins in and its a lot of fun. Beware our camp staff are experts in this and we will want a real challenge then a game with them is a lot of fun. The court is full size and 12 people can play at a time.

Place to Chill

There are many places to just chill and do nothing, either its a dip in the water or a tan on the beach, a walk to the nearby ghats, looking for stones whatever your thing is... The evenings you have a camp fire and BBQ snacks and dinner. People sing dance around the fire do all soughts of crazy things before they head back to there camps.


There are seperate toilets for men and women as its advisable to do your stuff as early as u can in the morning as there is no drainage system and the more late you go the more you realise that part. There are also showers there but they are in tents, now what were you expecting on a camp?


For all the people who are coming from places like Delhi and dont really do any sports or exercise and drive around in cars.. there is a trek for u which is reaching the camp !! its a walk down for about 500mts but its not going down which makes you realise are u need to excersise and stop smoking but when you are coming up...

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